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Why choose The Oven Maid?

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Angela and I am the owner of The Oven Maid. 


I am a reliable, friendly and trustworthy professional oven cleaner. Fully insured and DBS checked, I will make sure your oven is left sparkling. I only use fume free, environmentally friendly products, so you can rest assured that your kitchen, children and pets will be safe.

The Oven Maid is not part of a franchise, so I am able to keep prices lower, so it is good value for money with no extra costs.

Being based in Bentham (LA2), I am lucky to be able to cover parts of North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. Please find areas covered here.

I clean for a wide range of customers; private home owners, tenants, landlords, holiday cottage owners, caravans, lodge owners and student accommodation.


 I drive around in a fully insured van with a purpose made dip tank, where your ovens insides (racks etc) will soak while your oven is getting sparkled and they will come out gleaming like new. Please see the oven cleaning process


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Why clean your oven?

There are many good reasons to keep your oven clean, here are just a few.

Accumulating a lot of burned-on food in your oven has got its risks, the residue, given the right conditions may easily catch fire. So always clean your oven and grill. A build-up of fat and grease in the oven, hob, cooker hood, or grill can ignite and cause a fire.

Here is a link from North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service, with some more advice on how to stay safe in the kitchen.



A clean oven will work more efficiently, make your food taste better and use less energy if functioning correctly. If you can’t see your food through the oven door and have to keep opening it, heat will escape and lowers the temperature inside the oven, so the oven will not perform as it should if clean and will cost you more.

You also run the risk of contaminating your food. High oven temperatures most likely kill off germs and bacteria, if the heat is not circulating properly and escaping then your food is more likely to get infected. Also, you don’t want your lovely Victoria sponge cake tasting like last night’s roast dinner do you or your smoke alarm going off every time you cook.

So don’t hesitate and book a deep clean-in with us.

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