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This is our very bright blue van, give us a wave if you see us in your neighbourhood

This is the purpose built dip tank where your racks and trays will soak and come out sparkling. 

The Cleaning Process

On arrival to your property, I will park up close by (as i will need to use the van through-out the clean) I will then introduce myself and bring in my cleaning kit, which consists of our non-caustic, fume free and environmentally friendly cleaning products, along with our cleaning tools needed to clean your appliances and floor covering to protect your floors. 

I will make sure everything is in working order and discuss whether you would like to purchase any bulbs etc.

After this, I will then protect your floor and surroundings and make a start to get your appliances looking good as new. The removable parts of your oven (racks, tray that comes with oven, fan cover) will go into the diptank in the back of my van and soak while I sparkle the oven. I will take the door off and clean in-between the glass, remove the fan, if possible and if not I will clean in situ. Any removable self cleaning panels are also removed and cleaned behind these. 

When the clean is finished, I will double check everything is still in working order while burning off any excess product and make sure the work space is just as sparkling as your appliances. You will no doubt say "wow, I won't want to cook in that oven now, it looks brand new".

i will then give you an invoice, which you can either pay by bacs or cash and then will then be on my way, happy knowing that I have put a smile on yet another customer’s face. 

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Low Bentham




07312 644 733

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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