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How long is a typical oven clean?

For a single or double, this can take between 2 and 3 hrs approx

For a range and AGA, depending on size can take up to 4+ hours approx

This all depends on your oven, and if you have included hob and/or extractors.

Can you clean self-clean ovens?

Yes, I can clean self-clean ovens. i remove the self-clean panels and get behind where grease, carbon and oils can sometimes spill.

Will your products effect my sewage system?

The products used are environmentally friendly and will not cause problems for a septic tanks.

Are you animal and child friendly?

Yes,I am, I just ask that while cleaning the oven that children and pets are to stay away from the cleaning area. Although the cleaning products are safe to use around children and animals, I do use professional blades and have tools out, that could possibly cause an injury.

Can you clean commercial ovens?

No, i do not offer this service.

How often should I have my oven cleaned?

I would recommend having a deep clean every 6-12 months. This also depends on how often you use your oven.

How soon can I use my oven after?

As soon as the clean is finished.

Can you repair ovens?

No, I am not a qualified engineer

Do you remove the back panel and fan?

Yes, but in some cases the fan cannot be removed. I will, however, do my best at cleaning it in situ. Sometime in old ovens or ovens that have previously been cleaned with caustic products, the screws in the back panel have become weak and are easily rounded, making it difficult to unscrew. So in some cases the back panel can not be removed.

Do you remove the heating element?

No, most ovens you are able to drop the element to clean underneath. If you wanted the element replaced or removed, you must contact a qualified engineer.

Do I have to pay deposit? 

No, I just ask that you let me know 24 hours before your booking if you are cancelling. This will hopefully give me time to get another customer booked in

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